XV International Summer School in Archaeology: GEOPHYSICS FOR LANDSCAPE ARCHAEOLOGY

First Call for Participation —- University of Siena —- Further information: —–

The School forms part of the Culture 2000 Project, European Landscapes: past, present and future, promoted by English Heritage, University of Siena and many others european partners. The School will describe the principles and practice of geophysical survey through direct instruction and case studies during the first three days. The rest of the time will concentrate on field survey, practical exercises, data processing and GIS based interpretation. The School will provide students with about, 24 hours of introductory lessons, 16 hours of field survey, 16 hours of data processing and GIS based interpretation. The School will be based at Grosseto, in the premises of the Department of Archaeology (Medieval Archaeology Section-LAP&T). Lecturers —- S.Campana (University of Siena); L.Conyers (University of Denver); C.Gaffney (GSB Prospection-Bradford); D.Goodman (GAL-Los Angeles); M.Dabas (Université Paris VI); A.Hesse (Unité Mixte de Recherche-Sisyphe); Y.Nishimura (ACCU-UNESCO Japan); S.Piro (ITABC-CNR); D.Powlesland (W.Heslerton Landscape Research Center); A.Schmidt (University of Bradford); A.Tabbagh (Unité Mixte de Recherche-Sisyphe); G.Tsokas (University of Thessaloniki); M.Watters (University of Birmingham).