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25-28 mars 2013


CAA 2013 : Across Space and Time

Perth (Australia)

Organisation : University Club of Western Australia, Perth (Western Australia)
  • Présidence de session : Is there time for archaeology ? Understanding time through modelling and representation, Xavier Rodier, Lahouari Kaddouri, Jean-Yves Blaise
  • Communication : Systemic approach and spatial organization : from city to network of cities, Xavier Rodier, Jean-Yves Blaise, Pierre Garmy, Lahouari Kaddouri, Hélène Mathian, Léna Sanders
  • Poster : Using geodatabase and GIS modeling to reconstruct fluvila natural morphology and sedimentary dynamics in urban area : archaeological approach and application in the city of Tours (France), Eymeric Morin, Xavier Rodier

Voir en ligne : http://www.caa2013.org/drupal/