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26-30 mars 2012


CAA 2012

Southampton (United Kingdom)

Organisation : Archaeological Computing Research Group in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southampton

Présidence de session

  • Elise Fovet, Xavier Rodier : Detection and analysis of change


  • Mélanie Le Couédic, Xavier Rodier, Samuel Leturcq, Florent Hautefeuille, Bertrand Jouve, Etienne Fieux : From space to graph : understanding the spatial changes with medieval and modern fiscal sources.
  • Xavier Rodier, Laure Saligny, Frédérique Bertoncello, François Favory, Elise Fovet, Christina Gandini, Estelle Gauthier, Murielle Leroy, Laure Nuninger, Nicolas Poirier, Olivier Weller : Formalization of scientific process and conceptual modelling for the study of territorial and products distribution dynamics (ArchaeDyn II programme)
  • Laure Saligny, Lucile Pillot : The evolution of territorial occupation : Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis applied to different case studies.
  • Philip Verhagen, Laure Nuninger, François-Pierre Tourneux, Frédérique Bertoncello, Karen Jeneson : Introducing the human factor in predictive modelling
  • Philip Verhagen, Tom Brughmans, Laure Nuninger, Frédérique Bertoncello : The long and winding road : combining least cost paths and network analysis techniques for settlement location analysis and predictive modelling

Voir en ligne : https://www.ocs.soton.ac.uk/index.p...