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9-14 May 2008

Ecole thématique

International School in Archaeology and Cultural

The School will face the problem of the modern documentation technologies in the heritage field, giving to the participants the opportunity to obtain a detailed overview of the main methods and applications to archaeological and conservation research and practice. Furthermore, our School will give the chance to participants to enter in a very short time the kernel of the scientific discussion on 3D technologies – surveying methods, documentation, data management and data interpretation - in the archaeological research and practice.
The School will be open to ca 60 participants at graduate level, to those carrying out doctoral or specialist research, to established research workers, to members of State Archaeology Services and to professionals specializing in the study and documentation, modeling and conservation of the archaeological heritage.
The grant application and registration form are available online. The deadline for the grant application is 15th February, 2008. Grants provided by UNESCO and ISPRS will be available for students with limited budgets and travel possibilities.
The deadline for the registration is 15th March, 2008.
The School will be held in the congress centre Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland. The centre is an ETH-affiliated seminar complex located in a superb botanical park on the historic and cultural Monte Verità area, which will also be the residence of the participants with its integrated hotel and restaurant.
E-mail : info@3darchaeology.org
Web : http://www.3darchaeology.org/