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2 au 6 avril 2007


CAA 2007 - Layers of Perception


Organisation : German Archaeological Institute, Centre of the Ancient World (Freie Universität Berlin), Collection of Classical Antiquities Berlin, CAA Germany
  • Olivier Barge et Christine Chataigner, Quantitative approach to the diffusion of obsidian in the ancient Near East : means of transport, journey time and routes.
  • Robin Brigand et Andrea Ninfo, A geoarchaeological approach for landscape archaeology : Case studies of the Venetian plain.
  • Robin Brigand, Olivier Weller et Laure Nuninger, Salt Springs in Moldavian Pre-Carpatic Prehistoric life : analyses and spatial modelling.
  • François Favory et Laure Nuninger, From Archaeomedes to the Archaedyn project : Landscape and terriorial dynamics over the long term in France.
  • Elise Fovet, Klemen Zakek et Laure Nuninger, Settlement pattern and path modelling.
  • Christina Gandini, Hierarchical typology and settlement pattern modelling at micro-regional scale.
  • Estelle Gauthier, Consumption and circulation of prehistoric products in Europe : characterization of spatial evolutions using map algebra.
  • Kristof Ostir, Laure Saligny et Florian Tolle, Confidence maps : a tool to evaluate archaeological data’s relevance in spatial analysis.
  • Nicolas Poirier, Measurements of diachronic stability of agrarian exploitation.
  • Xavier Rodier et Laure Saligny, Social features, spatial features, time features : archaeological data model.

Voir en ligne : http://www.caa2007.de/